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Saturday, 12 November 2011

PMS and Women

Today, I'm gonna talk a bit on PMS..Oh come on fellas! It's not a disgusting topic to be talked about...It's normal! Girls all over the world and yes! They are having PMS..So do I..Just clean up all the dirty thoughts about it and try to be more universal. I learnt about it since I'm a biology student during school time.

What is PMS?
Premenstrual Syndrome..It's a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms that typically occur about a few days before a women starts her monthly menstrual cycle. We know that MOST women cringe at the memory at how they learned that PMS would be a "buddy-buddy visitor" every month. For most women the symptoms are mild, a small scale find their symptoms so SEVERE they dread this time of the month. And yeah!!! I'm one of the  women in the "small scale". Actually I cannot be classified in that class as my PMS are not the same every months. Might be severed and vise versa..

The symptoms of PMS?

  • Irritability. Mood swings. Losing your temper easily. Loss of confidence. Crying for no particular reason. Aggression. Poor concentration. TirednessAbdominal swelling or bloating.Weight gain. Swollen ankles. Headaches and possibly migraine. Less tolerance for noises and lights. Food cravings. Forgetfulness.  Sleep problems (sleeping too much or too little). Breast tenderness.Slow, sluggish, lethargic movement.

I do experienced on all those symptoms an the WORST is when the MIGRAINE attack me! It is the MOST PAINFUL  headache that is often accompanied by tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound and the excruciating pain can bring last for HOURS and even DAYS!!! When I can't stand on it, I will currently out of my control and BANG THE HEAD onto the wall..

So...Please! When you know a person suffer from these symptoms, stop asking all sorts of stupid and silly questions. One silly question = One Kick+ One Punch..  PMS = Punish Men Severely ...Be ware! Don't be afraid..Just be VERY AFRAID..hahahah 

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