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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I tried my best to get every single point, standing in front of the laptop, reading word by word, paragraph by paragraph, all the stories from A-Z, the boy that was supposed to love her girl left her and having affairs with other girls. A cauldron of emotion sloshed about within me-disbelief, denial, anger. Letting me know that this was real and it is happening. To her. One of my friends.

After hearing all those thing, I tried to recall the word..ahah! 
METAMORPHOSIS-the change of character! And I hate it..
As times passes by, people keep changing, keep changing till they also did not know themselves.What else to say? You mould yourselves and you are responsible 100% for every consequence.

Thirty minutes ago, when I was sitting in my house, tucking into a giant piece of chocolate cake and daydreaming. Well, in fact I’d been daydreaming most of the day- in between thinking about all the massive things that needed changing in my life. Thing I had previously been so scared of discussing but suddenly felt more ready than ever to talk about. Things that will make my heart beating rapidly, very runny nose and the tears that will coursing down my cheeks.

Am I jabbering right now?

I also don't know what am I talking about. Grammatical errors all over the post. But hey..I know that my English is not so good..But...err,,Let it be! I type every single phrases and words that came out from the mind.My eyes flickered shut like a malfunctioning antique television. Remembering all those days, waited for the onset of pain that was sure to come. I was ready. was almost here, now......

the pain. so much pain..
But now..I can laugh out loud when every single things keep disturbing me all over again..
Because the pains in the past..
Teach me to be a strong girl..

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